Potential Solution

Potential Solution

  • NPurchase 40 Acre Site in Homers Glen, Ilinois
  • NUnincorporated Homer Glen [no s in Homer]
  • N35 Acres for Grave sites / 5 Acres for Body Wash /Salah (Phase II)
  • NPotential for Creating more than 24,000 Grave Sites
  • NNatural, Eco-Friendly Burials – Accordance to Sunnah
  • NFree Services and Burial for Less Fortunate Muslims
  • NDedicated Funeral Place (Future Phases): Body Storage and Ghusl Facility
  • NPrivate Viewing and Bereavement Area for the Family
  • NMusallah for Salatul Janaza

Potential Solution – ~40 acre lot in Homers Glen, Will County

Initial Conceptual Plan

Architect’s Rendering of the Funeral Place Building