Where is the site and how big is the lot size?

The proposed Muslim Cemetery site is in Will County, IL (Unincorporated Homer Glen) and the lot size is 40 acres.

How many graves can be accommodated on this site?
The Muslim Cemetery can accommodate over 24,000 graves.
Will there be arrangements for Ghusul and Janaza prayer?
The funeral home will have accommodations for Ghusul and Janaza and will be completed in Phase II of the project ʾInšhāʾAllāh.
Will the cemetery be for local community only?
The Muslim Cemetery will be open to all Muslims who desire to be buried in a dedicated Muslim cemetery in accordance with Sunnah (Eco-Friendly).
What is a Natural (Eco-Friendly) Burial?
A natural burial is an environmentally friendly burial where there is no embalming of the body and no need of a traditional cement liner or casket. The deceased body is wrapped in a biodegradable shroud and placed directly into the earth. It is the most natural way a body is returned to earth and is in compliance with the practices of Sunnah.
When is the Muslim Cemetery expected to open?

ʾInšhāʾAllāh, we have plans to open the cemetery by Mid-2023. Our progress will be dependent on the support of the community and their donations. We request and encourage everyone to be part of this project for the Muslim ummah of Chicagoland.

Is there a cost for a grave site?
The Muslim Cemetery offers grave sites free of charge as it is a service to the Muslim community.
With a free grave site, will I be able to be buried next to my family members?
There are no guarantees to be buried next to family members because the free sites are first come first serve basis. To ensure being buried next to family members, grave sites can be reserved for future use for a minimum upfront cost with installments if needed. The cost will be based on the maintenance of the empty grave sites until its due use.
Are funerals free for every Muslim?
The cost of the grave itself will be waived however there are additional charges that are part of a complete funeral such as body transport, storage, washing, grave opening/closing and grave marker. These additional charges will be the responsibility of the family to fulfill. ʾInšhāʾAllāh, the Muslim Cemetery will strive to keep these additional charges at a minimum regardless of the practice by non-Muslim cemeteries.
What if I cannot afford to pay for the funeral of a loved one?
In cases where a family is not able to cover all the expenses of a funeral, ʾInšhāʾAllāh, the Muslim cemetery will work with the family in all its capacity to ensure the body is not denied its right of being buried as soon as possible.
Why is this a Muslim Only cemetery?

The Muslim faith has specific requirements around the burials of the deceased. One such requirement is for the burial to take place as soon as possible after death. If a death occurs outside of the traditional cemetery business hours, Muslim families are required to wait for the next business day to bury their loved ones. For this reason, ʾInšhāʾAllāh, the Muslim Cemetery will be available for burials throughout the year from sunrise to sunset.