About us

About us

Muslim Ummah Cemetery

Surely we belong to Allah (SWT) and to Him shall we return. The Muslim Ummah Cemetery is a non-profit organization providing Muslim Burial sites to the communities of the southwest suburbs of Chicago. A respectful and prompt burial, in accordance with the Sunnah is the right of every deceased Muslim. Having a dedicated Muslim cemetery provides complete flexibility for burial from sunrise to sunset. The eco-friendly burials, without coffins and vaults, will be another blessing for the deceased to be buried according to the Sunnah.

Gravesite land is free for all Muslims who want to be buried in this cemetery creating a less financial burden for the deceased’s family. For anyone who wants to reserve cemetery plots for family members to be buried next to each other, provisions for reservations are also available at a minimum cost.

In the future, a full-service funeral home (accommodations for ghusl and janaza salah) will be on-site for the convenience of the family members.